“My affiliation with Mission Quest has helped me to take my ministry to the next level. With Mission Quest my donors feel that they are in touch with me because of how MQ keeps their focus on the ministries they serve. I feel that I now have a mission agency that truly supports and partners with me in the work I do around the world.”
Ron Bailey, Missionary
“I'm so thankful to the Mission Quest team for their help, service, kindness and nurture. It is such a blessing to have them faithfully do the administrative details.”
Kim Martin, Missionary
“I highly recommend Mission Quest to any missionary that is looking for a service agency to handle their donor support. When I was doing so in early 2016, I did a comprehensive review of most of the U.S. based agencies. I wanted one that had a clean and attractive website and which made donation easy for my supporters. I wanted an agency which put missionaries first, and self-promotion a distant second. I wanted an agency that could handle all manner of transactions - bank drafts, handwritten checks, credit cards, etc. I wanted reasonable fees. And, most of all, I wanted an agency that was Christ-focused and which was run in a manner that promoted the advancement of the Great Commission. Mission Quest met all my criteria. My only concern was the ‘newness’ of their venture, and whether or not they were in business for the long haul. After my experience with them in the last year, I have no doubt that they will not only survive, but will thrive. The last year was fraught with personal difficulties and health concerns for me. As a result, I raised very little funds, and Mission Quest certainly did not enrich themselves on my account! Despite my pitiful fundraising and the fact that they received barely enough in commissions to even justify adding me into their system, they were always very gracious to me. It is obvious to me that they see their missionaries as human beings, with all the shortcomings and frailties that humanness involves. I felt at all times that they dealt with me in true Christian love and with true concern for my health situation and my altered life plans. They cared for me as a person, not just as a moneymaker, and for that I am truly grateful. Take a close look at Mission Quest. I think you will like what you find."
Dr. Stephan H, Missionary
“After reading other reviews about Mission Quest, my husband and I knew immediately that we wanted to be partnered with a reputable organization that is ran by missionaries and for missionaries. We love the honesty and integrity of the organization, as well as how easy it is for us to access our donations. As missionaries, it is so important for us to first remain accountable to God, and secondly to our donors. Thank you, Mission Quest, for making the financial part of our ministry so much easier and organized!”
Bryan and Whitney Saulton, MIssionaries
We just joined Mission Quest but so far we have found the donor management software far superior to other orgs we've used in the past. They make things very easy and they are committed to letting us be fully independent and empowered to follow the Lords guidance.
M and S Pagano, Missionary
The donation process is very convenient, and I've never heard of any problems once I've deposited our gift! The website and information are easy to navigate, and the interface is simple and intuitive. For any missionaries looking for an easy and reliable way to manage financial gifts, this is the way to go!
Joel Adams, Donor - Soma Cummunities Spokane
I love Mission Quest! They make it so easy to send support across the world to your loved ones and friends. I'd use them any day to do just that.
Tylor Grayson - Donor
MQ is a blessing to us. Being missionaries who were attached to a small 501(c)(3), their ability to process our donations was limited and we had so many problems. We considered other organizations but their fees were higher & we had to have their healthcare plan which would have required us to double our support. MQ has been extremely helpful and responds quickly to questions & the ability to see our donations through Denari Online has been great. If you are looking for a service to manage your donations with the tax benefit of a 501c3 that is Christ based, MQ is the perfect place to go.
Bill and Debra Howeth - Missionaries
The Lord brought Mission Quest into our lives and ministries at a critical time. Mission Quest has faithfully served us and our sending church by being the link between us and our supporters. We would not be able to do what we are doing without the service rendered by Mission Quest. What we like most about Mission Quest is that they truly do exist to be the silent partner in our team, helping us to do what God has called us to do and which our home church sent us do. Mission Quest fills the much needed role of collecting our donations and dispersing them to us. Mission Quest goes above and beyond to help their partner missionaries by pointing us to valuable resources on a variety of practical mission needs. We thank the Lord for directing us to Mission Quest, and recommend them without hesitation to any in need of a missionary service organization.
M & B On the Silk Road - Missionaries
MQ's staff has responded well to a wide variety of needs, especially during the critical months of transitioning donors. I've seen consistently rapid email responses to donors and me, frequent posting of donations, and building systems that make our work easier.
J & Q - Missionaries