1. What is a 501(c)(3) organization?

Section 501(c)(3) is the portion of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows for federal tax exemption of nonprofit organizations, specifically those that are considered public charities, private foundations or private operating foundations. It is regulated and administered by the US Department of Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service. There are other 501(c) organizations, indicated by categories 501(c)(1) – 501(c)(28). This discussion will focus on 501(c)(3).

Being “501(c)(3)” means that a particular nonprofit organization has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. “Charitable” is broadly defined as being established for purposes that are religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering of national or international amateur sports, or prevention of cruelty to animals and children.

2. Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation via Mission Quest?

Yes, Mission Quest is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donors receive a receipt via email for all donations.

3. How can I update my Credit Card or bank account information?

You may change your Credit Card or bank account information by going to your account online and update the information, you can do so by following the steps below:

1) Go to www.MissionQuest.org/give

2) Go to your missionary’s page.

3) Go to Sign In. This can be found on the top right corner of the donation form.

4) In your payment information section, you can update your Credit Card information.

If you have chosen not to create an online account, you can send us an email and we will cancel your recurring donation in order for you to setup a new one.

4. When will I get a receipt for my online donations?

Almost immediately after your donation gets processed.

5. Can I create monthly or biweekly pledges?

Yes, you can. Mission Quest gives you the freedom to give online on a monthly or biweekly basis. Whether you donate monthly or biweekly, you will have the ability to stop your pledge at any point.

6. How can I view my giving history?

Creating an account after your first donation will help you review your giving history and edit your payment information.

7. How do I stop a monthly pledge for a missionary?

Access your account and stop your pledge at anytime. Also, you can set a date to stop your pledge.

8. What kinds of donations does Mission Quest accept?

You can support missionaries online through, Credit Cards, ACH and checks. Yes, you can donate online via your check book. On the donation page, choose the method of donation “check” then fill the information required. Donating online via a check is EXACTLY the same as writing a check and mailing it; however, it’s safer for you and guarantees to get the money to the missionary of your choice within one day, rather than a week with regular checks, and it does not cost you or the missionary anything. Mission Quest absorbs the cost.

9. Can I send my donation in the mail with a regular check?

Yes, you can. Write the check out to Mission Quest, and in the memo line write the name or the fund code of the missionary and send it,
Mission Quest
P.O. Box 558191
Chicago, IL. 60655
Usually checks take about one and half weeks from the time you mail them until we process them.

10. Can I make a donation over the phone?

No. Mission Quest only accepts donations via the online system, mail and EFT.

11. Can I support more than one missionary or ministry?


12. Does Mission Quest share my information with any other party?

NO. Your information is safe. We use a cutting-edge technology to be sure that your information is all safe. Learn more about our security in our security page.

13. Will my Credit Card information be safe?

Yes. Mission Quest uses leading security SSL certification security to secure your personal information. You may read more about our security measures by going to our security page.

14. Can I donate for a missionary by transferring funds directly to Mission Quest's bank account as ACH or Wire transfer without using the online donation system?

Yes. Please email us at MQ@missionquest.org for more details.

15. Can I get a refund for a donation I made?

No. All the donations made to a missionary or to Mission Quest are final and non-refundable.

16. How can I be sure that Mission Quest is a registered 501(c)3 organization?

You can go to the IRS website (HERE) and search the Tax ID number of Mission Quest (47-4865647), this will show you Mission Quest’s status with the IRS.