Why Mission Quest®?

Mission Quest® is a missionary service organization that processes donations for missionaries. Our ministry was started by missionaries and people with a heart for missions, to serve missionaries in the field. Our heart is to see God being glorified and His name becomes known among the nations (Malachi 1:11). After all, we are made for God’s glory (Isaiah 43:7; Psalm 19:1; Ephesians 1:5-6; Rom 1:21). In our pursuit to glorify God, we saw the need among missionaries for a trustworthy and dependable missionary home office that stands by them and facilitates the financial part of the ministry they do.

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What challenges do we face?

After serving in the mission field for years, we realize that several logistical challenges face missionaries and restrict them from being fully involved in serving the Lord. Some of these logistical challenges are:


The challenge of accepting donations

Missionaries often spend a great deal of time and resources building websites and donation pages to make it possible for their donors to give to them with lower fees. Others have gone as far as to start their own 501(c)(3), which led them into a swamp of paperwork and logistical issues between accountants, lawyers, and even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All this time in the office and in front of a computer monitor could have been spent serving people on the ground and sharing Christ’s Good News with the unreached. All of that for the sake of establishing a platform that will allow them to receive donations efficiently and keep records of their donors safely.

The challenge of agencies’ bureaucracy

Some sending mission agencies unintentionally tend to control the work that the missionary does to serve their vision and perception of the needs, rather than giving the missionary the freedom to serve God in the way that God is calling the missionary to serve Him. Often this tendency comes from the agency’s understanding of the field, their expectations from the missionary and sometimes a pragmatic desire to see measurable results to report to their donors. This control often suffocates the missionary and hinders him from actively following the Spirit and exploring new places that the Gospel has never been preached in.

How can Mission Quest help?

  • These two main challenges and many others were the motivation behind starting Mission Quest. In Mission Quest, we believe in an important and fundamental principle; the leadership and role of the local church in the mission. We believe that the local church should be the sending entity for missionaries. This has always been the norm in the New Testament church (Read more about the role of the local church in missions). We are hoping to honor this biblical model by providing missionaries and churches with a platform to facilitate the process of sending missionaries into the field without compromising the biblical principle of the leadership of the local/sending church or the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    Also, being a member of Mission Quest equips the missionary with a platform that is necessary to pursue God’s calling without the extra weight of complex organizational policies and bureaucracy. By holding the missionary accountable to God first and his sending church second, we can establish a solid base of accountability without holding the missionary back from serving God.

  • This is why we decided to start a ministry that helps missionaries from different backgrounds to fulfill their calls without being distracted by the administration and logistical tasks. Mission Quest’s central attention is on the missionaries and on finding new ways to help and serve them better. We create a secure online presence for our missionaries to prompt their work in the best way they see fit and provide them with cutting-edge technology to raise support and stay in touch with their donors. Missionaries don’t have to keep lists of all their donors or their donations anymore because we do all that for them. We keep the missionary updated with real-time donation stats and providing them with powerful reporting tools that make it much easier for them to stay in touch with their donors. Here you can read more about who we are and what we do.

    The staff and missionaries at Mission Quest come from various churches, denominations, and theological backgrounds, but we all believe in the same biblical basics as well as believing in the urgency of missions. You can read our Statement of Faith HERE. We are a missionary service organization and will always serve those who put their lives on the line for the Gospel. Our organization has been specifically designed to assist missionaries in fulfilling their calls by processing their donations and providing them with the necessary logistics they need to fulfill their calling. Mission Quest was created by missionaries for missionaries.