1. Does Mission Quest accept anyone that applies?

No. Mission Quest requests that the missionary holds the same beliefs that MQ holds and expresses in the Statement of Faith. Failing in accepting ALL the articles of the Statement of Faith and living/teaching against one of them will prevent the person/family from joining our organization. Also, the missionary has to agree on the financial and spiritual accountability statement that MQ provides. Applying to Mission Quest does not guarantee acceptance.

2. If I joined Mission Quest, will I be treated as an employee?

No. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers missionaries as Independent Contractors. To read more about Independent Contractors, please visit the Independent Contractor’s page on the IRS website HERE. Please notice that according to the regulations of the IRS, Mission Quest can only process donations for people with a valid American Social Security Number (SSN) and those with a bank account within the US. Mission Quest provides its missionaries with 1099-MISC form by the end of each calendar year.

3. What kind of charges will the missionary be responsible for?

We always try to keep our fees as low as possible, without lowering the quality of our services. Below is a list of the fees:

1. Credit Card Transaction: 3% (The rate may change for donations made by International Credit Cards)

2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): 0%

3. Offline donation processing: 0%

4. Monthly access fee for our Donor Management System: 0%

5. Monthly reporting: 0%

6. Monthly ACH deposits: 0%

7. Admin fee: 8%

8. Page updates: 0%

4. Does MQ charge extra for processing e-Checks?

No. MQ absorbs all the processing fees for e-Checks; however, the administration fees (8%) will apply for e-Check donations, as they do to any donation made.

5. How much should I pay to access the Online Donor Management Software?

Nothing. MQ absorbs the cost of the Online Donor Management Software.

6. Would I be able to use Mission Quest to process my financial support if I have my own website?

Yes. Mission Quest will create a customized giving page created for you with a link directing your donors from your website to your personal page at our website.

7. When will I be able to see my donations?

Our system updates the online donations once every three seconds. This means that you will be able to see your new contributions three seconds after the donor places the online donation.

For donations via checks, we collect the check donations weekly and upload them to the system after we deposit them into our bank account.

8. How often do missionaries receive their donations?

Missionaries receive their donations on the 8th of each month. Please notice that if the 8th of the month is a holiday or a weekend, the deposit may be delayed.

9. Does Mission Quest train its missionaries?

Mission quest is a serving organization, not a training organization. This means that we do not train our missionaries. However, we love them and help in mobilizing them by providing them with a dependable home office that offers tax-deductible donation processing. Saying that Mission Quest is willing to help the missionaries to find some good resources and teachers to assist them in their ministries. To read more about the meaning of being a missionary service organization, please click HERE.

10. What is the first step to join Mission Quest?

Please feel free to fill out the Missionary Application on our website, and we will be sure to get back with you in one business day.