What We Do

What We Do

Mission Quest is an interdenominational organization that helps missionaries to fulfill their vision and God’s call in their lives. We do so by offering a dependable and trustworthy home office that provides the logistics and financial services all missionaries need in order to do their job in the field. Mission Quest helps missionaries to focus on the work they do rather than worrying about donations, fund processing and receipts.


Donation Processing for Missionaries

Our ministry involves:

  • We process missionaries’ donations.

  • Secure online donation system with a unique page and unique URL for the missionary.

  • The ability to list one picture of you with your family, a 200 word paragraph about you, and a donation button. If you prefer not to list anything about you, we can simply put your name (or the name you chose) with a map of the world or the country you serve in.

  • The ability to create Automatic Monthly and biweekly pledges.

  • Timely ACH deposites in all banks within the USA. This is an advantage to the missionary as it helps in the cash flow. We deposit the donations on the fourth of each month.

  • Providing a secure online Donor Management Software, with a FREE 24/7 access by the missionary. With this system, missionaries can log-in to their own accounts, track funds and donations, update their donor lists, generate reports, create budgets, and much more. This software works even with slow internet speed and does not need installation.

  • Providing the ability to raise funds for a specific project or campaign, aside from your own personal funds.

  • Donors list maintenance.

  • Providing tax-deductible receipts to all your donors.

  • Our website has an easy to use mobile interface with the ability to donate via smartphones and tablets.

  • Provides logistics to our missionaries without controlling their ministries.

  • We create Missionary Code (MC) to make it easier for donors to donate for you. Missionary Code is very helpful in case you serve in a restricted or hostile nation, and you don’t want your information to be public. We can simply create a page that has your unique Missionary Code and only your donors will know that this MC refers to you.

  • Accepting online Automated Clearing House (ACH) and check donations.

  • Providing 1099 forms to our missionaries by the end of each year.

  • Providing donors with donation history (upon their personal request).

  • Help you solve any legal issue by redirecting you to the best accountants and lawyers.

  • Providing stability in your fund raising process by having a stable home base for you in the USA.

  • Helping our missionaries to find the best resources and teachers to help in their ministries.

  • We love to pray, and we would love to be your prayer partners.

Having a stable home base is so helpful in your ministry and in your relationships with your donors. If you would like Mission Quest to process your donations please contact us!
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