What is a Missionary Service Organization?

 A missionary service organization is an organization that helps missionaries and Christian ministries in handling some aspects of logistics and fundraising. This type of organizations does not send missionaries but rather facilitates sending them.

The idea behind missionary service organizations developed after the massive growth in the field of Christian missions in the twentieth century as a result of technological advancements that made traveling and communication much easier. The trend of sending more missionaries came with a growing understanding of the church’s vital role in missions; the church is not, anymore, a mere spectator but a fundamental player in the equation. Churches have come to realize through the New Testament that sending missionaries has always been the role of the local church (Read more about The Role of the Local Church in Missions), and they do not have to always depend on Sending agencies.

 What is the relationship between the missionary service organization and the local church?

 The service agency complements the role of the local church; the agency stands by the church and does not replace it. The church is the entity that equips missionaries, trains them, prays with them, guides them, and always keeps them accountable, doing all that requires so much time and effort, especially when a church has so many missionaries. With that in mind, churches don’t want to worry about processing donations for these missionaries, especially when in some cases this could affect the tax-deductible status of the church (Read more about the IRS regulations on Charitable Contributions to Individual Missionaries).

In cases like this, missionary service agencies come into the scene. Most of these organizations have already established a dependable system that can handle all the logistics involved in processing donations to missionaries without violating the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. Partnering with missionary service agencies allows churches to function as sending entities without dealing with the hassles and complexity of financial logistics.

How does Mission Quest function as a missionary service organization?

 At Mission Quest, we operate as the home office for many missionaries. We support these missionaries in for years as they grow their ministries and impact the world. The beauty of having us as your dependable home office rests in the fact that we play from behind the scenes, we serve you in the way you need to be served. Mission Quest does not dictate to you the way you need to do your ministry; after all, it is your ministry that the Lord has called you to fulfill, but rather we stand behind you in doing it. We are here to be sure that you keep your focus on what you do, knowing that we are handling the financial logistics.

Watch the short video below to understand more about what we do.


Along the years we have seen missionaries lose heart and abandon the mission field because of the bureaucracy of some agencies that suffocate their vision and prevent them from fully following the Holy Spirit. At Mission Quest, we do not want you to become another story; we want you to follow God knowing that we’ve got your back! 

What is a Missionary Service Organization?