What is a Missionary Clearinghouse?

A Missionary Clearinghouse is a home office for missionaries in the US and abroad that is dedicated to handling some of the missionaries’ logistics. This type of missionary clearinghouse does not send missionaries (at least not in the traditional sense0, but instead facilitates sending them.

The idea behind a Missionary Clearinghouse developed after the massive increase in the Christian missions in the 20th century, mainly because of the technological advancements that made traveling and communication much more accessible to more people. This trend of sending missionaries came with a growing understanding of the church’s vital role in missions; the church is not, anymore, a mere spectator but a fundamental player in the equation. Churches have come to realize, through studying missionary work in Acts, that sending missionaries has always been the role of the local church, and they do not have to always depend on Sending agencies.

How does Mission Quest® function as a Missionary Clearinghouse?

At Mission Quest®, we operate as the home office for many missionaries. We have been supporting many missionaries for years as they grew their ministries and impact the world. The beauty of having us as your dependable Missionary Clearinghouse rests in the fact that we act from behind the scenes, we serve you in the way you need to be helped. Mission Quest® does not dictate to you the way you need to do your ministry; after all, it is your ministry that the Lord has called you to fulfill, but instead, we stand behind you in fulfilling your calling. We are your Missionary Clearinghouse, and always work to keep your focus on what you do, knowing that we are handling the financial logistics.

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Mission Quest® is accredited by three different third-party organizations like the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). This kind of accreditation ensures that, as your Missionary Clearinghouse, we function in a way that honors God and enhanced your donor’s trust in you and your organization.

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What is a Missionary Clearinghouse?