Member Care Specialist


Job Description: Member Care Specialist
Reports to: Mission Quest’s President.
Compensation: Candidates are responsible for raising their compensations.
Location: Remotely, yet within the United States of America.

Organizational Summary:

Mission Quest® (hereinafter MQ) is a missionary organization that is founded to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel to the whole world. MQ operates globally, but its headquarter is located in Chicago, IL. As a part of this organization, this position is a vital part of bringing the Gospel to the nations by caring for those that preach it.

Job Summary:

To provide, prepare, equip, strengthen, and empower MQ’s team for effective life and service within MQ. To promote spiritually healthy and caring relationships as an essential part of the work of MQ so that the Gospel is proclaimed, and God’s Kingdom is extended. 


  1. Participates and coaches leadership in handling situations that are emotionally charged (e.g. grief, discipline, death, etc.).
  2. Maintaining consistent communications with MQ’s missionaries before and after going to the mission field.

  3. Active commitment to the mission, values, and doctrinal stance of MQ. While performing job duties, the employee will act in a manner that is Christ-honoring as well as Christ-like, demonstrating a personal Christian faith and witness in all interpersonal interactions.

  4. Keep in touch with MQ missionaries by communicating with them in a variety of ways via telephone conversations, E-mail, Skype at least twice a year to provide them with the spiritual, personal, emotional, and biblical support they might need.

  5. Reading and responding to missionaries’ newsletters and annual reports.

  6. Providing the president with an annual written overview of each member’s situation in the field.

  7.  Providing a written report of their evaluating of the missionary’s situation and calling prior to joining MQ.

Core Competencies

  1. A genuine desire to care for the wellness of people (i.e. a “member care heart”).

  2. Good sense of humor and capacity to flex graciously with the unexpected.

  3. Understanding of MQ’s core biblical values and their diverse expression across cultures.

  4. Genuine appreciation of God’s call to missions and its implications for missionaries.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Conflict resolution, crisis intervention, debriefing, and counseling – Intermediate

  2. Biblical Theology and counseling – Advanced

  3. Microsoft Office – Intermediate



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