Best Missionary Books

In the West, we have an overwhelming number of books on all kinds of topics; some of the big libraries in the world have millions and millions of books stacked in every corner of it. However, not all books contain knowledge that is consistent with the biblical worldview. This applies to Christian Missions and evangelism. Therefore, finding the right books to read is essential to all Christians, and especially for missionaries.

Self-reading is a crucial discipline for all Christians, those that want to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and how to defend His Gospel (1 Peter 3:15). We read in 2 Timothy 4:13 that Paul asked Timothy to bring “the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.” We are not sure what books he was talking about, but we know that the “Parchments” refer to the Old Testament. Even the apostle Paul needed to read good books and the Bible to keep growing in His Christian walk.

Below is a list of best missionary books we believe to be essential for missionaries to read regarding Missions, evangelism, and the involvement of the local church in equipping and sending missionaries. All these books are theologically sound and in line with the vision and mission of Mission Quest.


1) Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global.

Authors: Andy Johnson and David Platt

Even though most Christians will never move overseas, the Bible enlists every ChristiBooks for missionariesan and every local church in the grand project of global missions. The local church is the engine of world missions. But where should a church begin? Churches don’t need a complicated missions program. They need the Bible and the wisdom to know how to apply it. This book points to Scripture and offers practical steps for training and supporting missionaries, forming international partnerships, sending short-term teams, and engaging the nations both at home and abroad.
This book is a publication from 9Marks Ministries.


2) Cultural Apologetics: Renewing the Christian Voice, Conscience, and Imagination in a Disenchanted World.

Author: Paul M. Gould

The post-Christian world we inhabit today presents us with a mundane andCultural Apologetics disenchanted view of reality. Under the sway of materialism and science, we have been left with a way of seeing, thinking, and living that has no place for beauty and wonder. We now live in a world bereft of magic and mystery.
Many–including many Christians–no longer perceive the world in its proper light. As a result, the Christian imagination is muted. Moreover, the church has grown anti-intellectual and sensate, out of touch with the relevancy of Jesus and how to relate the gospel to all aspects of contemporary life. As a result, the Christian voice is muted. In this age Christian wholeness remains elusive, blunting the church’s ability to present a winsome and compelling witness for faith. As a result, the Christian conscience is muted.
Cultural Apologetics addresses this malaise by setting forth a fresh model for cultural engagement, rooted in the biblical account of Paul’s speech on Mars Hill, which details practical steps for reestablishing the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination. Readers will be equipped to see and help others see the world as it is–deeply beautiful, mysterious, and sacred.
With creative insights, Cultural Apologetics prepares readers to share a vision of the Christian faith that is both plausible and desirable, offering clarity for those who have become disoriented in the haze of modern Western culture.


3) The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising

Author: Steve Shadrach

As a ministry worker, raising support can be a daunting task. It doesn’t haveThe God Ask to be intimidating, though. It isn’t about money or asking people to give. It is about looking to God to provide for you. He has given you a vision for ministry, and now you get to invite others into that vision. Your job is to pray and work hard to discover those whom the Lord has already prepared to invest in you and your ministry. God has done His work. Now it’s time for you to do yours.
A case in point: Nehemiah was very nervous about meeting with the wealthiest, most powerful man on the planet. He was asking King Artaxerxes to fund his Jerusalem restoration project. But when it came time to make his appeal, this lowly cupbearer first looked up to the Person who provides resources. At the moment of truth, Nehemiah lifted his heart and made The God Ask. In Nehemiah 2:4, he describes the exchange: “Then the king said to me, ‘What would you request?’ So I prayed to the God of heaven.”
Instead of going into appointments, fearing what your fellow man will say, you can have confidence that God is superintending the whole process. This book will help you embrace the fact that this is not a Man Ask. No. It is a God Ask!


4) Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

Author: J. Mack Stiles

Christians often struggle to know where to start when it comes to telling Evangelismothers about God, Jesus, sin, and salvation. In this short book, J. Mack Stiles challenges us to view evangelism as something we do together instead of something we do alone, helping churches cultivate a culture of evangelism that goes beyond merely creating new programs or adopting the latest method. The seventh volume in the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series, this book will help Christians joyfully embrace evangelism as a way of life as it equips them to share their faith with those who don’t yet know Jesus.

It is also worth taking some time to listen to this sermon on Evangelism by former missionary Paul Washer. In this sermon, washer emphasizes the true biblical approach to evangelism and the fact that evangelism should not be some pragmatical gimmicks that try to trick people into some sort of religious practices, but a deep and real transformation that proclaims God’s truth as revealed in Scriptures. 


5) Conversion: How God Creates a People.

Does what a church believes about how people become Christians change Conversionhow we do evangelism? In this concise book, Michael Lawrence explains the doctrine of conversion and helps us consider the relationship between what we believe about how people are saved and our approach to sharing the gospel in the context of the local church. Readers of this book will understand how the local church should participate in the conversion process through ordinary means, such as biblical preaching and intentional relationships.

To read more about True and False Conversion, read the articles below:
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6) Discovering the Mission of God: Best Missional Practices for the 21st Century

Editor: Mike Barnett 

Discovering the Mission of God is a comprehensive missiology book that helps people get the big picture of mission. Although it’s more of a textbook, its various contributors cover topics such as the theology of mission, church history, missions case studies, and best practices. Discovering the Mission of God provides an excellent overview of missions for anyone wanting to learn more and find their place in God’s mission.

“God cannot lead you on the basis of information you do not have.” —Ralph Winter What is God’s mission in the world? For anyone passionate about discovering God’s heart for the nations, Discovering the Mission of God will reveal his plans for you. Written by 21st-century field workers, scholars and church leaders, this book weaves together the basic components of God’s global mission and challenges readers to identify where they fit in the mission of God. Discovering the Mission of God explores the mission of God as presented in the Bible, expressed throughout church history and in cutting-edge best practices being used around the world today. Drawing from a new generation of scholar-practitioners, this comprehensive reader provides a global perspective, recent missiological research, case studies, recommended further readings and relevant discussion questions at the end of each chapter


If you are a current or former missionary and has some recommendations for missionary books to read, please do not hesitate to recommend those books to us. We would love to keep growing our list of the best books for missionaries.

Best missionary books