• Update Existing Contacts


    Contacts that do not have external_id are not eligable to information update (except adding email addresses). To understand what an external_id is and how to find it, please click HERE

    To update contacts with external_id please follow the steps below carefully:


    •  To update your contacts' physical addresses (both groups and individuals):

    1) Download our Address Update Sheet (this will not remove the current address in our system, but will add a second address)  

    2) Download our Address Update Instructions Sheet 


    • To update your Contacts' email addresses (Individuals ONLY):

    1) Download our Person Email Sheet Update (This sheet is ONLY for individuals NOT for Churches, organizations, and groups)

    2) Download our Person Email Update Instruction Sheet  


    • To update your Contacts email Addresses (Groups ONLY):

    1) Download our Group Email Sheet Update (This sheet is ONLY for Churches, organizations, and groups NOT for individuals) 

    2) Download our Group Email Update Instruction Sheet 


    • To add notes to your contacts (both groups and individuals):

    1) Download our Note Sheet 

    2) Download our Note Instruction Sheet 


    • Be sure to fill all the RED fields. All RED fields are required.

    • To learn how to find the external_id of a donor, please review the article in this page https://missionquest.org/external-id 

    • Be sure that your documents are saved in .csv format. To learn how to convert an excel sheet into .csv format, check this link HERE

    • Upload your lists into the appropriate field below. Do NOT upload the instructions sheet.

    • Please allow up to two business days for each submission to take place. 
  • Accepted file types: csv.
  • Accepted file types: csv.
  • Accepted file types: csv.
  • Accepted file types: csv.