Missionaries’ video newsletters with Kapwing

In the twenty first century, videos have become the prominent tools in communicating with others. In the business world, Renderforest.com found that their customers’ sales and engagement increased by 83% once they started using videos as part of their marketing strategy.

Although missionaries do not “sell” stuff on their newsletters, they are still eager for their donors to stay in touch with them and keep them in the loop of what the Lord is doing in their ministries. Yet, with the overwhelming emails and newsletters the average American receives, making your newsletter “special” in their inbox, is a challenge.

Reports have shown that adding videos to a newsletter has the potential of increasing the engagement and the click rate by 300%, making video newsletters one of the best ways to engage your base back home. Adding captions to your video can also increase the engagement by 40%; however, this feature has long been limited to people with real technical knowledge and video editing skills. But this is not the case anymore. Kapwing, an online image, video, and GIF editing platform, offers its users the ability to add captions to their videos with almost no trouble.


Adding subtitle to your video

In this article I will show you how Kapwing can help you adding captions to your video newsletters hassle-free.

Sing into your account at https://www.kapwing.com/. If you do not have an account with them or you are still not sure you want to use their service, you can always try their free plan.

Once you are in, upload the video you want to edit or add captions to by clicking “Subtitle”.


Once you are in the subtitle section, it is all self-explanatory. You can either type your own captions, or you can ask Kapwing to do its magic by create auto captions using their very sophisticated AI. Keep in mind that artificial intelligence is not always “intelligence,” and you might want to review their captions for minor corrections.



If some of the people who receive your newsletters are not native English speakers, you can always use Kapwing’s translation abilities to auto translate your subtitles into 100s of languages.



Once you are finished editing your video and adding your captions, click “Done” and export your video in the format you’re most comfortable with.

This process might seem a little overwhelming for some, yet once you do it, it is very easy and convenient. Kapwing has a video tutorial on how to add subtitles to your video.

As a missionary, you work hard to spread God’s word among unreached people groups, and there is no reason whatsoever, to allow old and boring technologies to hold you back from sharing your wonderful updates with your friends. Try sending a video newsletter to see if that is going to help in increasing your base’s engagement.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is this: NEVER EVER send a video newsletter as simply a YouTube link. NEVER! (Did I say NEVER?). Such emails are more likely to be marked as spams, preventing your donors from even receiving them. Instead, take the time to write a personal email to your base with a link to your video.

For more tips on how to write meaningful newsletters, please read this article.