Operations Manager


Job Title: Operations Manager
Reports to: Mission Quest’s President.
Compensation: Salaried position.
Location: At Mission Quest’s homeoffice ore remotely.

Organizational Summary:

Mission Quest® (hereinafter MQ) is a missionary organization that is founded to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel to the whole world. MQ operates globally, but its headquarter is located in Chicago, IL. As a part of this organization, this position is a vital part of bringing the Gospel to the nations by caring for those that preach it.

Job Summary:

The Operations Manager position is a full-time role reporting to the President. This person will play a critical role in managing the day-to-day effectiveness of Mission Quest’s operations, including finance, human resources, vendor relations, missionary progress, data collection, and mandatory reporting functions. This position will play a collaborative role in developing and implementing systems that increase the quality and efficiency of our work, supporting our ability to grow and expand our mission. This is an outstanding opportunity for an experienced, motivated, and detail-oriented individual who is seeking to advance God’s Kingdom. 


– Coordinate day-to-day finance operations, liaising with our outsourced accounting firm; this includes processing deposits, payables, reimbursements, invoicing, support annual audit, and maintaining impeccable financial records of all MQ’s donations, fees, and expenses.

– Ensure the effectiveness of MQ’s fund processing, including collecting, recording, and depositing checks.

– Maintain MQ’s memberships and accreditations, while maintaing compliance with federal and statem requirements.

– Produce missionary-related written and video resources to increase MQ’s online visibility.

– Manage employees and missionaries’ files and ensure timely annual reviews, onboarding processes and other human resources needs.

– Provide administrative support for the president and all the personnel at MQ.

– Contribute to the development and integration of new processes and policies as appropriate.

– Expanding the team of Mission Quest at the home office and on the field.


– No less than three years’ experience in administration and management.

– Outstanding organization and detail orientation.

– Excellent verbal and written communication.

– Must be detail-oriented and willing to hold others accountable.

– Knowledge in finances is highly valuable but not required.

– Active member at a local church, and agree wholeheartedly with Mission Quest’s Statement of Faith.



Apply by sending your resume to mq@missionquest.org