Job Title: Mobilizer
Reports to: Mission Quest’s President.
Compensation: Candidates are responsible for raising their personal compensation and ministry expenses.
Location: Remotely, yet within the United States of America.

Organizational Summary:

Mission Quest® (hereinafter MQ) is a missionary organization that is founded to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel to the whole world. MQ operates globally, but its headquarter is located in Chicago, IL. As a part of this organization, this position is a vital part of bringing the Gospel to the nations by caring for those that preach it.

Job Summary:

A Mission Quest Mobilizer will promote and recruit qualified candidates for cross cultural mission opportunities, this includes screening, nurturing giftedness and placing applicants in various capacities. 


• Attract biblically qualified missionary candidates to MQ.
• Develop and maintain relationships both externally and internally to mobilize candidates. • Assisting in the screening of all MQ missionary applications.
• Improves organization attractiveness by recommending new policies and practices; monitoring mission opportunities, mobilization practices and external communication.
• Participating in various outreaches, conferences, and seminars throughout the year.
• Speaking or leading mission seminars in constituent churches, colleges and other recruiting venues.
• Strategic planning to maximize travel while considering budget constraints.
• Other duties or special projects as required or as assigned.


Active commitment to the mission, values, and doctrinal stance of MQ. While performing job duties, the employee will act in a manner that is Christ-honoring as well as Christ-like, demonstrating a personal Christian faith and witness in all interpersonal interactions.

Minimum Prior Experience:

 Previous cross-cultural experience preferred.
• Familiarity with all aspects of foreign and domestic missions.
• Thorough knowledge of the Bible and the Biblical principles of world missions.
• An Active member at their local church and agree wholeheartedly with MQ’s Statement of Faith.




Apply by sending your resume to