• Upload Your Contacts


    This page is for uploading NEW contacts only. If you want to update the information of current contacts, please go to this page https://missionquest.org/update-contacts


    To upload the contacts of your potential donors into our system, please follow the steps below:

    1) Download our Individuals Contacts Sheet (This sheet is ONLY for individuals' names NOT organizations or churches)  

    2) Download our  Individuals Contacts Instructions Sheet  

    3) Download our Groups Contacts Sheet (This sheet is ONLY for Churches, organizations, and groups NOT for individuals)

    4) Download our  Groups Contacts Instructions Sheet  

    5) Be sure to fill all the RED fields. All RED fields are required.

    6) Upload your lists into the field below. Do NOT upload the instructions sheet.

    7) Within two business days, you should be able to see your contacts in the "Partners" tab

    Please notice that we can ONLY import contacts with valid email addresses.

    • What will happen if I have duplicate entries?
      • We will merge all your duplicate entries after we import your contacts.

    • Can I add the name of a contact person of an organization or church?
      • Yes, we can manually enter those for your after we do the import.

    • Can I put the names of individuals and churches in the same sheet?
      • No, this will mess up your records, and it will be very difficult for us to fix.

  • Accepted file types: csv, xls.
  • Accepted file types: csv, xls.